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Caring Legal Assistance During Hard Times

Have you lost a loved one and been placed in charge of administering their estate? During these difficult times, this is no simple task. At the Ohio law firm of Joseph P. McCafferty, LLC, we will help lessen this burden and make the process less stressful and difficult. From addressing the payment of the deceased’s final bills to transferring assets and preparing the estate tax return, we will be there with you every step of the way through the probate and estate administration process.

We are happy to work with out-of-state clients whose loved ones either resided in Ohio or owned real estate here, thereby necessitating that an ancillary estate be filed here. You need not ever even come to Ohio. Everything can be handled without you ever leaving the comfort of your own home.

First Things First

We start by getting information about everything the deceased owned. We will find out if there was a will, and if the will is valid and locatable, looking in county records as necessary. If there is not a will, we will explore how property will be passed on through probate. You will have an attorney on your side who will take great care to make certain that your loved one’s wishes are followed and that all property is passed on according to law.

Resolving Disputes

Disputes may arise because a will is challenged. We prepare for this possibility early on in the process, taking the time to find out whether this is likely to happen. If it does, we will be ready to protect your loved one’s wishes through litigation as necessary.

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