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Helping You Protect Your Parental Rights

One of the primary issues that needs to be addressed in divorce is child custody. Of course, all steps that are taken need to be taken with the best interests of the child in mind. At the Ohio law firm of Joseph P. McCafferty, LLC, we are here to help you obtain a resolution that is right for you and your child. With experience on our side, we know how to creatively establish child custody, visitation and shared parenting arrangements that make sense in a wide variety of situations.

Custody And Shared Parenting

When you discuss your case with an attorney, you simply want to make certain that your rights as a parent are protected. This can be complicated by all of the terminology and concepts that are thrown around, including child custody, visitation, shared parenting, joint custody, sole custody, parenting time and more.

While we are happy to explain what all of the terms and concepts mean, such as the difference between shared parenting and being a custodial parent, our goal is as simple as yours: we want to establish a plan that allows you to be the parent you want to be and the parent your child needs. Simply put, our clients are concerned about their children. They want to be empowered to make important decisions for the child on issues such as healthcare and education. We help them get empowered.

Modification Of Child Custody And Visitation

When plans are put into place, they are there for your benefit. They can be changed in any way, as long as both parents agree to the change. If you agree to a change, and you get along, you can simply do whatever you want to do without requiring intervention from an attorney or the court. Only when there is a disagreement, or if you need to make certain the agreed-upon changes are recorded, do you need our help. We are happy to provide it.

Call To Develop Customized Solutions For You

Whether it is to set a strategy to negotiate or to take your case to court, we are ready to help. Call Joseph P. McCafferty, LLC at 866-603-6650 to discuss your case with an experienced child custody lawyer. You can also reach us via our online contact form.