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Reliable And Experienced Real Estate Legal Advice

The purchase of a house or commercial property is often the single most expensive acquisition a person will make during their life. The purchase agreements can be confusing and difficult to read. As a new home buyer, are your concerns being protected?

The law firm of Joseph P. McCafferty, LLC, has experience representing both buyers and sellers in residential and commercial real estate transactions. We can help you navigate through the confusing paperwork and protect your rights.

Addressing Your Legal Needs And Questions For More Than 30 Years

We can address the most common or complex questions around real estate, such as:

My Buyer Backed Out Of The Purchase; Do I Have Any Rights?

Often, real estate purchase agreements contain contingency provisions that provide a buyer with the ability to void or walk away from a transaction. Such contingencies are often narrowly drawn and have strict time frames associated with them. In short, unless the buyer has a right to walk away, which is spelled out in the contract, the seller can pursue the buyer for damages.

I Want To Sell My Property ‘By Owner;’ What Paperwork Do I Need?

We can help you make sure that you have the necessary paperwork ready to go when you begin to market your home or commercial property for sale. We have experience preparing real estate purchase agreements and purchase-money mortgages.

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